Facilitating Safe & Secure Motor Vehicle Transactions

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Welcome to Easy Private to Private with transACTdirect

transACTdirect has been authorized by MFC a division of Nedbank to facilitate clients with Private To Private finance and financial transfers of Motor Vehicles, Bikes (Off and on road) and caravans.

transACTdirect will liaise with both Buyer and Seller through the finance process and a dedicated consultant will handle your Application, Document Collection, Signing of your Contract at any Nedbank branch country wide and transACTdirect will process Vehicle Pay-Out to Seller and or Financial Institution.

We strive to complete this process in 2-8 working days depending on how speedily the required documentation is received and providing there are no unforeseen delays with vehicle verification.

Take note that we do not finance the following:

• No Vehicles older than 10 Years
• No commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons
• If self-employed or applying on your Company name please contact our call centre for additional information.
• No vehicles through Approved or Non Approved motor car dealers / suppliers (This should be done through
a Nedbank Branch or a Nedbank approved Dealership)
• Individuals with a Net (take home) salary of less than R5,500.00 after all deductions